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Ordering wireless for your new home

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Moving to a new place and thinking of going wireless? Wireless phone rates have dropped dramatically recently. Here are some tips to help you decide whether to get a wireless telephone.

Why Wireless?

Wireless digital phones come with built-in options such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling and Voice Mail, while local carriers still charge for extra services.

Wireless eliminates long distance fees. Many standard calling plans for digital services eliminate roaming charges and include long distance charges. Check out the various calling plans.

Wireless gives you mobility. Ever gotten lost and needed to call a friend? We all have been in that situation, and understand the benefits of having a phone in hand.

Wireless gives you privacy. With wireless, your phone number is not listed in the phone book. Additionally, features such as caller ID and voice mail let you talk to people when you want to talk to them. If all else fails, you can always shut off your phone.

Cautions for having wireless as your sole phone

Make sure your phone works everywhere in your home. Remember to check coverage in all areas you expect to use your phone, including your basement or other interior rooms. That way, you know what to expect.

Watch out for extra fees. If you get a 200 minute calling plan, make sure you don’t go over 200 minutes! A lot of plans will charge a hefty fee for each minute over the allotted time.

Be only wireless if

You are a young adult living with roommates. No more waiting for your friends to finish up their hour-long conversations, no more missing calls because of those late nights out, and no more bill splitting hassle.

You are an empty-nester: Kids are gone, and both you and your spouse work long hours and are not at home often. You can always call ahead for take-out on your way home!

You are a second line user. If you use the Internet at home, don’t get a second line, use your wireless for voice.

Don’t be wireless if

You have teenagers in the house, it is given that you can’t afford a wireless phone. They just talk too much.

You are a high volume user. If you like talking on the phone a lot, wireless may be out of your price range.

You are working at home. You will probably be on the phone a lot. In addition, wireless phone numbers cannot be listed in the yellow or white pages.

Keep Informed!

Plans and prices for wireless services continually change. Always keep yourself informed of policy changes.

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