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TransPod partners with IKOS on design of hyperloop pod

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TransPod, the two-year-old startup constructing a hyperloop system that will be redefining the commercial transportation, has partnered with IKOS to design and develop energy-efficient power supply technology. The company hopes to commercialize the Hyperloop system by 2020.

“Hyperloop transportation will make changes on how we commute, live, and do business, and we would like to introduce these changes worldwide. Adding IKOS‘ extensive experience on our side, we have a unique position for accelerating the  development of hyperloop technologies from the leading industries that will improve our life quality remarkably and financial prosperity,” said Sebastien Gendron, founder, and CEO at TransPod.

Toronto-based TransPod scored US$15 million in seed funding from Angelo Investments, an Italian venture capital firm focused on transportation technologies.

At InnoTrans in September 2016, TransPod presented its hyperloop pod concept, leading trade show in the world for technology in the rail transport. The company’s main focus was on proving and developing proprietary designs that will reduce long-term as well as immediate issues built-in proposed technology to date. Parts ranging from pod’s internal systems, tube pressure as well as the comfort of the passengers and whole operational performance to route design, are consistently proving to be much more above competitive designs. At a later date, will be released specific benchmark results.

The Hyperloop concept was developed by Elon Musk.