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Marketing Strategy

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You know that you are better than the competition, but your consumers do not. Imagine that you are standing in a seemingly endless crowd of prospective sellers, yelling louder and louder to attract the attention of a few important consumers. You are! And in order to be heard, you will need to stand out in the crowd. A strong, focused marketing program is the key to drawing in the clientele you want and keeping them. Nathan King Design believes graphic design and corporate identity are the single most important marketing tool your company can use.

What is a Corporate Identity and Why Do I Need One?

A Corporate Identity is an underlying structure between the consumers and you. It is how you will be able to communicate the quality of your business to the people you want to impress. A marketing agency can create a good corporate identity which will help you to become a brand name in your field. It should influence audiences and gain their trust. Without such an identity, the consumer can’t recognize you to buy your products and services again. When consumers become familiar with a brand, they will seek out the seller that accommodated them in the past for repeat purchases. Make it easier for them. Corporate Identity can help market your company by creating excitement about your product or service. Whether you are looking to attract initial customers or to expand your business, a new identity is the best marketing tool you can use to influence the customer’s perception of who you are.

The Design Process

The design process begins with the research of your company, your products and services, and your competition. Your current marketing plan is analyzed, the designer and you will define a target audience and come up with a plan that works. A mistake that some companies make is bringing in the designers too late and dismissing him or her too early. The graphic designer should be included in the initial planning of the company to provide consultation, and he should stay by your side until a graphics standard manual is produced so other designers (or you) can use the corporate identity properly