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Canadian Green Tech represents an ideal advertising opportunity for a broad range of companies involved in the renewable energy, smart grid, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, biofuels and other green tech markets.

We are a business-to-business news website whose readers include executives, directors and managers – all key decision makers – from government, the private sector and industry associations. Readers are located in Canada, the US, South America, Europe and Asia.

The website receives thousands of unique visitors per month. In the past 12 months, Canadian Green Tech has averaged approximately 9,700 visits and nearly 38,000 page views per month.

What can you expect?
Short-term, event-related advertising campaigns (usually one or two months in length) have realized impressions of approximately 35,000 per month with click through rates as high as 0.44%.

Product and service-oriented advertising campaigns (six months or longer) see impressions of about 30,000 per month with click through rates averaging 0.34%.

It’s important to note that the click through rates realized by advertising on Canadian Green Tech are higher than industry average metrics.

What are the benefits of advertising on Canadian Green Tech?

  • Reach equipment and service providers in the renewable energy, smart grid, energy efficiency, clean transportation for possible partnerships and sales opportunities.
  • Make your position heard regarding government policy and regulation.
  • Connect with Canadian trade officials located in markets outside of Canada.
  • Engage with law firms and consultants for advice.

Where will your ads be placed?

There are five advertising spots on the website, each appearing on every single page. The banner ad spot is located at the top of the website to the right of the Canadian Green Tech logo. As well, there are four smaller ad spots: two on the left side of all pages and two across the bottom of all pages.

Each of the four smaller advertising spots can be secured on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis. A flat rate premium will be added to the base rate for exclusive ads. Details are below.

The Canadian Green Tech Weekly Briefing can accept up to 15 ads that are placed in the right hand margin. An ad in the Weekly Briefing is included with an ad on the website. We’re giving you two great opportunities for a single price. The size of the ad is the same as the Side/Bottom Ad (see below).

Top Banner Ad (468x60 pixels)

  • 12 months - $3600   
  • 9 months - $3150   
  • 6 months - $2400   
  • 3 months - $1350   
  • 1 months $500 

Side/Bottom Ad Spots (180x150)

  • 12 months - $1500
  • 9 months - $1350
  • 6 months - $1000
  • 3 months - $600
  • 1 month - $250

A $150 flat fee will be added to base rates quoted above to obtain any of the four side or bottom ads on an exclusive basis.

Technical Notes:
All ads must have no animation.
Format GIF or JPG
Maximum file size is 50 KB.

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