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  • PowerStream to Unveil Canada's First of Its Kind Virtual Power Plant +

    WHAT: PowerStream is trailblazing into the future of Ontario's electricity delivery system, showcasing how residential customers can simultaneously generate their own clean energy Read More
  • Ontario investing in climate change and economic development for Indigenous communities +

    The Ontario government continues to make investments in the fight against climate change and economic development. It committed $13 million Read More
  • Quebec and California holding next cap and trade auction in May +

    The governments of Quebec and California will hold their next cap and trade permit auction in two exactly two months Read More
  • DynaCERT expanding production working with Ontario to meet certification requirements +

    DynaCERT Inc. is expanding assembly capacity for its HydraGen trucking emissions reduction product, the company announced this week. It has Read More
  • Strathcona completes 500 kW PV system on Newmarket Magna Centre +

    The Magna Centre in Newmarket ON now has a major rooftop solar array operating and feeding the Ontario electricity grid. Read More
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DynaCERT Inc. is expanding assembly capacity for its HydraGen trucking emissions reduction product, the company announced this week. It has leased and is building out an 8,000 square foot expansion to accommodate the production of 2,000 units per month.

HydaGen creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through electrolysis and supplies these additives through the air intake to enhance combustion, resulting in lower carbon emissions and greater fuel efficiency.

DyanCERT says its new facility will require new equipment and additional manpower, and as such is currently in discussions for funding through both federal and provincial government grant and loan programs.

The company’s current facility will be then converted to research and development and production for the shipping, rail and large stationary power generation products. There is a planned financing program starting later this year with regard to these emerging markets we are presently working with the Government and Port supports.

As a result of all these new and ongoing government grant applications, the company has a adopted to adhere to the Ontario Government’s requirements-validation process to ensure qualification under any of its or the Federal Government programs.

The company is also engaged at an initial stage with the Ontario government to validate the HydraGen product for the trucking industry at their new Ontario University facility. The validation process will focus on fuel savings, reduction of green house gases and accreditation of carbon credits. Once this is completed in Canada, dynaCERT is scheduling to follow the same protocol for validation and accreditation within the United States Environmental Protection Agency at their new National Vehicle & Fuel Emissions/Transportation and Air Quality laboratory in Michigan.

Further, dynaCERT is currently working with several trucking firms in Ontario by having HydraGen units and data loggers installed on 2012-2016 transport trucks, these trucks are collecting data to complete the new algorithms for our new Smart ECU.

In addition, the dynaCERT team of engineers and scientists are working with the RMF Design and Manufacturing team of Electronic engineers along with Diesel and Electronic Technicians who are Consultants from two major OEM companies, in finalizing the electronic interface of our Smart ECU along with the filing of patents on same. The completion our new Smart ECU, or brain, will be a major addition to our secured intellectual property which is wholly owned and controlled by dynaCERT.

The technology of our new ECU is much like that of a smart phone where it is always learning. The ECU will communicate with the onboard computer along with reading, collecting and storing data of fuel efficacy and emissions, enabling remote access by both dynaCERT and end users. This addition to our technology will also provide monitoring for Carbon Credits and GPS tracking.

dynaCERT has recently entered into a contractual agreement with a company representing our product suite within the country of India, their intent is to initially ship and sell products with the option to purchase a licensing agreement for manufacturing with an ongoing royalty commitment per unit. The company would then maintain control of our Smart ECU and ship these to the licensee upon receipt of said royalties.

India represents an estimated 1.5 million buses, 5 million trucks and numerous diesel power plants. The Government of India has recently announced requirements to meet more stringent emission reductions.